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DICE and Electronic Arts tackle the modern age of warfare with Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360. Unlike previous Battlefield games, Battlefield 3 contains a single-player campaign. In this story, you take on the role of four different soldiers at various points in time. The story sees you fighting in Paris, Iraq, and other countries in a fictional war in the year 2014. By jumping to different characters at various points, all sides of the story are explored. This storytelling approach gives insights to the heroes and villains, providing a unique layer of depth to this conflict. The story mode in Battlefield 3 takes roughly six hours to finish. However, after the story mode is finished, the real Battlefield experience begins. The true heart of this Battlefield 3 game is its multiplayer mode. In this game mode, players take to the land and air to defeat the opposing force. Match types range from killing all the soldiers on the enemy team to taking and defending tactical positions. The game includes over 10 maps, each with different environments and obstacles to overcome. There are four roles players can take in multiplayer, each one changing the gameplay significantly. The Assault class is best suited for dealing with other troops. This class primarily uses assault rifles and machine guns in combat. The Support class provides the Assault class with ammunition. This class also uses light machine guns to lay down covering fire. The Engineer class uses high-powered explosives to destroy enemy vehicles. Lastly, the Recon class handles long-range warfare using their sniper rifles. In Battlefield 3, gamers can get behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles. You can pilot everything from trucks to tanks. The Frostbite 2?game engine can portray the damage caused to the environment by these tanks. For example, driving through a wall using a tank creates an opening for your team. The damage done to the environment will stay throughout the remainder of the game. When a match ends, the map looks significantly different from how it started. You can also leave the ground and take to the skies. Gamers can pilot a variety of different aircraft, fighting against both ground troops and other planes. Each vehicle has its own strengths and weaknesses. Like other Battlefield games, as you play and win matches, you will increase your soldier's rank. With each new rank, you can unlock and store additional accessories and weapons for your player. These accessories can change the entire battle when used properly. For example, some accessories let you spot enemies in the distance, letting you get the drop on an opponent. This Xbox shooter game has some of the highest audio quality on the Xbox 360. You'll hear the bullets whizzing by your head and the explosions in the distance. The sound is important, as it will let you locate your enemy quickly. This Xbox 360 game has a rating of M for Mature. This rating is due to the mature themes and violence found in this game. This Xbox 360 accessory has almost infinite replayability thanks to the online modes. If you're looking for fast-paced gaming with a lot of content and accessories, you'll love this Xbox 360 game.

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