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Sell Your Old Video Games and Get Cash Quick!

Greetings! Gametrog is always looking for new(old) inventory. They don’t make games like these anymore so we depend on sellers like you for most of our games!

Gametrog is interested in all systems and games. Atari, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Nintendo, SEGA, Xbox, Playstation, Gameboy and any other system not mentioned!

Shipping is FREE!

Here’s how to sell your video games and consoles.

  1. Send us a list of your games with pictures. Describe the condition the best you can.
  2. Receive an email offer from Gametrog within 1 business day
  3. If you accept our offer, let us know how you want to be paid (Paypal, Venmo, or Check)
  4. Package everything carefully in a box and let us know the weight.
  5. We will email you a FREE Shipping label to us.
  6. Mail your package.
  7. Once we recieve your package and verify contents and conditions we will send you your money within 2 days!

It’s that easy!

What we are looking for, and what we won’t purchase.

All games need to be in sellable condition. Small label tears are OK, but large missing chunks or smashed cartridge cases are not.

All cartridge based games (Consoles or Handhelds) can be cart only. Boxed games with manuals will get you more money!

Disc games need to be in good to perfect condition. Minor wear is OK, but heavy scratched discs are not. For disc based games we prefer the original case. In rare circumstances we may accept disc only games, but not often.

Gametrog reserves the right to refuse any purchase. Do your best to describe the game condition. If games arrive and are not close to the condition described or photographed we reserve the right to refuse purchase. All transactions are final and we will not return damaged games or systems.

Click the button or email your list to:

Ship your games to:

Gametrog – Games
940 Grape Lane
St. Johns, FL 32259

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