Breaking out the ColecoVision

I felt like taking the Way-Back Machine a bit further today. I’ve been wanting to play some games from the first game system I ever owned, the ColecoVision! You can find out all about it on the ColecoVision page, including why I love the system so much. To get it going I needed to do a little controller work. I knocked that out and then picked three games to show you.

All three of todays games today were in the 80’s arcades around the same time, and the ColecoVision brought the arcade versions of the games home better than any system out there.

Todays games:

Lady Bug – ColecoVision:

A great little maze game with some nice mechanics and difficulty. This was a household favorite in the Trog Cave back in the day.

Q*Bert – ColecoVision:

Q*Bert was the most popular of these three games back-in-the-day. An awesome arcade classic puzzle game.

Venture – ColecoVision:

Of these three titles Venture was my favorite. It’s an odd little adVenture game where you smile and kill things to take their treasure.

The Episode:

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