Episode 7

Todays episode features another great SEGA Genesis classic, Streets or Rage 2! So I’m living the dream of have my son enjoy some retro gaming with me. TrogBoy likes the beat-’em ups and so do I, so we’ve been punching, kicking and slashing our way through some of the greats.

As I’ve mentioned I use to sell games and I have a decent collection myself. I know I had a copy of SOR2 around somewhere but couldn’t find it. So I ordered a nice boxed copy online and waited by the mailbox. It was fun to bring the package in and let TrogBoy open it to see what we got. He’s was just as excited as if it were a new Xbox One game.

Anyway, this is our 2nd run at the game. Good times ensue. 

Todays game:

Streets of Rage 2 – SEGA Genesis:

The evil crime syndicate has returned to the city and our heros return to once again clean up… the Streets of Rage!

The Episode:

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