Episode 6

Like most dads who grew up with classics game systems like the NES, SNES and SEGA Genesis, you image that one day your child will enjoy playing some of your old favorites with you two player. And when the day comes and you share your childhood favorite with your child, they crush your dreams and hate that old looking boring game. I know! I’ve been there! But… I found the secret.

For me it was Streets of Rage. I got TrogBoy (who’s 16) to sit down and play for just a minute, and he was hooked. We have since beat it a couple times and are waiting on Streets of Rage 2 to arrive in the mail! So I quickly moved to other co-op fighting games to keep him interested. Guardian Heroes for the SEGA Saturn was next and we have beat that game every which way possible (as you can see here). Then came Golden Axe. 

Golden Axe is the uber classic for the SEGA Genesis. It’s funny going back to it now, as I haven’t played/won it in decades, but this is an unforgiving game. It’s been a bit of a struggle for TrogBoy who doesn’t like to lose. I grew up on these games, I’m used to dying and starting over, kids these days? Not so much. But we have set out to beat Golden Axe and that’s what were gonna do. 

Today TrogBoy and I go all barbarian on some orc heads. We come up short at the end, but we’re getting closer!

Todays game:

Golden Axe – SEGA Genesis:

Grab your axe and become a Barbarian, Dwarf or Valkyrie Vixen as you hack and slash your way through a fantasy world filled with orcs and skeletons.

Will your kid play retro games with you?

The Episode:

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