Episode 5

In todays adventure I change it up a bit. I pop in a copy of Rayman for the SEGA Saturn and then in part two show you a treasure I found.


Todays games:

Rayman – SEGA Saturn:

Rayman is now an UbiSoft legend, and this is where it all started. I never played this original game, the 3D SEGA Dreamcast version was my first exposure, so I decided to check it out.

Advanced Dungeon & Dragons, Cloudy Mountain (Crown of the Kings) – Intellivision

I stumbled across an Intellivision Flashback at a thrift store. Snagged it for cheap and headed home to check it out. I went to the go-to title for the Intellivision, AD&D baby!

Episode 5A:

Episode 5B:

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