Episode 3

Today I’m back at Star Fox: Level 2  for the SNES . I continue on my mission to clear Level 2 of this game. In this episode I make good progress! But will I fall short?

And then I return to Ninja Gaiden for the NES. This game is hard, I mean, it’s hard. It’s not recommended if you’re pregnant or have heart conditions. I played this thing for over 2 hours. I went in fully expecting to beat it this time after good progress last time. But this game will beat some sense back in you. I edited this part of the episode down for you to a little over an hour. I cut out another hour and a half of deaths and cussing. Please, enjoy my pain…

This game along with the others I am playing on the Trog Vlog are me preparing for reviews and long play videos. I’m currently focusing on three games.


The three games currently on my play list are:

Star Fox – Super Nintendo (SNES):

I never got to play this one and was very much looking forward to it. I love space shooters, especially 3D ones. I can tell you right now, I’m liking this one a lot.

Contra Hard Corps – SEGA Genesis:

I have had this one sitting around for a while. I’ve played it a couple times but never got far as it is a hard game. But the time has come, I will win this one and review it up for you!

Ninja Gaiden – Nintendo Entertainment System (NES):

This one is similar to Contra for the Genesis, played some, but never won it. I will now.

The Episodes:

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