Greetings! I am happy to announce a new and exciting time in my life. Lately I’ve had an empty feeling inside that I just couldn’t explain. After much soul searching I realized what it is. I have a strong maternal desire to raise a fish/frog with a human face. My internal clock is apparently ticking, I’m having strange cravings for sardines and eggnog, now is the time.

Fortunately for me I can raise my own fish/frog thing, with…

Seaman for the SEGA Dreamcast!

Seaman is a type of virtual pet simulator for the SEGA Dreamcast. It is as a bizarre a “game” as you will find. The manual tells of some French scientist named Dr. Jean Paul Gasse, who stumbled across this ancient life form in Egypt. The story goes on and on and is quite convoluted but none of it matters, it’s all in the manual. The game itself gets straight to the point.

When you start, your TV serves as one big aquarium. It has a few controls like Air and Temperature that you can adjust and you have an inventory of 1 egg and several food pellets. Leonard Nemoy of Star Trek fame narrates the game and gives you some basic instructions to begin. After that you are basically on your own. The most intriguing feature of the game is that, using the Dreamcast Microphone, you will be able to speak to and have conversations with your offspring. Apparently he can learn things, answer and even ask questions as time goes on and he matures.

Like every game on this website I have intentionally avoided any other videos or information that might be a spoiler. I’m going into this blind like any new mother does. I’ll go more in depth into the game at a later point, but for now I wanted to approach it as a wide eyed expectant mother caring for my little virtual sea monkey. I popped the game in a couple times years ago but never spent any real time with it. I figured now was the time and I invite you to watch me try and raise this little guy in my own image.



The Chronicles of GameFrog



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