Dungeons & Dragons Collection – Preview

SEGA Saturn (Japan)

1993 – CAPCOM

Greetings everyone, I’ve got special treet for you today! Dungeons & Dragons Collection for the SEGA Saturn!

This collection contains two games, I guess that’s all you need to call it a collection… The games are Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara. These games were released in Japan but never made it to the US. Fortunately you can still play them on a US SEGA Saturn by using the Action Replay 4-in-1 Replay Cart.

The Action Replay Cart does several things. But what is needed for this particular game is the 4 Megabyte of memory it adds to the SEGA Saturn. It’s basically a RAM upgrade. I actually had the Replay Cart sitting around for many years now and have never used it until now. I’ll review the cartridge in a separate post later, but for now, lets get to the game!


TrogBoy has finally started to show interest in classic retro games. He really likes the Beat’em Ups. Streets of Rage is what got it all started. Since I finally have someone I can play two player games with, I have been adding more fighting games to my collection. This game was one I have always wanted to play and I now have a good reason to drop the $100 for my first import game.

While the vast majority of the game is in Japanese, it’s fairly easy to figure out whats going on. I will review both games soon but for now wanted to show you one of our first play throughs. We have only played the first game, Tower of Doom, and are saving Shadows over Mystara for later.

The Trog Vlog – Episode 8

A full longplay of Tower of Doom. I have broken it into three videos.


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