GameTrog is reborn like a Pheonix!

Greetings and welcome to the new and improved GameTrog website. Where you can follow the misadventures of me, GameTrog, as I revisit and enjoy some classic (or retro) console games and even some PC games. Heck I’ll play almost anything! And as I do, I’ll let you know what I think about them and anything else I find fun or interesting in the video game world.

In addition, I like to keep my pointy ear to the ground and listen out for interesting gaming news…like retro console updates, home-brew games, modifications and more! So visit the Land of Trog often for cool updates on all kinds of stuff.

Speaking of the Land of Trog, what exactly am I talking about? Allow me to explain. Much like role-playing games take place in amazing locations, my adventure through all things gaming must have an amazing location also. That’s why I have created this place. There are several areas you can visit with more on the way. Let me touch on a few of them.

The Catacomb of Consoles

This dark corner of the GameTrog Realm contains all kinds of information on classic gaming consoles. Find out about different versions and variations of each console, specifications, games and more! With “classic” consoles always growing, I will consider any gaming console that is no longer sold new in stores, as a classic, and will archive it here.

The Repository of Games

Among the endless shelves of the Repository you will find tombs containing complete lists of games released in the US for each system I cover. In addition, as GameTrog reviews games, you will see them linked here and see the ever important GameTrog Game Score!

I will never be able to review all the games for each system. So instead, I will play and highlight ones that I enjoy, or new ones that I never had a chance to play and am giving a shot for the first time. I may do extensive reviews of great games, or just quick thoughts on others. Who knows, I’m an enigma!

The Arcane Lab of How To

In these dank corridors you will find answers for all those nagging questions like: Which power supply is right for me? or How do I hook my old Nintendo up to my new HDTV? Follow us down into the darkness and stay close!

Since 2009, GameTrog has been a popular location to find out how to hook up classic gaming systems to new and old TVs. I try to answer any questions you may have. We will be expanding this section greatly this coming year–adding everything from ATARI to XBOX.


The GameTrog Market Place

This is a new area in the Land of Trog that I will try to expand. Here you will find a list of actual brick-and-mortar game stores that specialize in classic video games and systems (and new ones too). I use to sell and know how tough it can be, so if you’re looking for a specific game or system, help a small business and give one of these great stores a call!

I also plan to add a list of classic system services like repairs and mods.

The Trog Blog

Finally we have the Trog Blog. In my Trog Cave is where you will find all my latest musings. This includes game and system reviews, general gaming community news, interviews and whatever else is running though my green head. While most everything will revolve around gaming in some way, you never know what you might find. 

The Social Trog

With the new updated and expanded Trog Site, I have added some social media platforms to the mix: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! I will try to keep each one relevant in its own right.

Facebook – I will link new Trog Blog posts as they arrive, along with super funny and clever memes and such. I also follow many others in the retro and modern gaming community and will share everything I find so you don’t have to dig yourself!

Twitter – I will use Twitter to provide fun things like games cheats, secret levels and other obscure data on games I am currently playing.

Instagram – in the Trog Cave I have hoarded some nice classic treasures over the years. I will share them with you on Instagram along with screen shots of games I am playing and reviewing along with other crazy things, like any new artwork I create for the site (yes, I draw all this stuff).

YouTube – This is one I’m really looking forward to since I will be recording all the games I play and review. My hope is to also provide a video review of games I highlight on the site. In addition, I will try to upload long-plays of the games after I have completed them. You’ll get the opportunity to hear me curse the TV every time I die!

In closing

It has taken me about half of 2018 to update this site and raise if from the ashes like a phoenix! I hope you enjoy it. Now I can finally start adding all this fun new content. For the most part I’m an adventuring party of one Trog. So I will do my best to keep new content coming. Check back and enjoy. I also love to hear from you guys. If you see an error, let me know. Want me to play a particular game and review it? Let me know! I’m all pointy ears!



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