The Sims 4 Free Infants Update is out now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC! It adds a new life stage to The Sims 4 which are, of course, infants! Infants have their own needs emotions, sentiments, and personality traits, you can have infants by going through pregnancy (makes sense), adopting, or even with the power of science! So SIMS can now ask others to use a mix of their genetic material to create new life or just do it themselves. There are new appearance and movements for newborns so they feel lively, toddlers and children can also interact with new family members by doing things like entertaining a newborn in a bassinet. There are baby proofing option for doors, new furniture, decor, toys, and more, child sims will gain some skills quicker now and the things they learn as children will matter as they grow, newborns now age up into infants in a few days. New SIM customization options such as new skin details, new clothes, hairstyles, and accessories for the infants. Your baby sims can now have birthmarks from birth and as they age they can have scratch marks and c sections scars, you can even decide if a SIM can produce milk or not! All this can be achieved in the reorganized interactions menu which is less confusing with UI improvements, and lots of other fixes and improvements!

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