Eringobrad, one of Gametrogs’ lead reviewers has a great new series on YouTube called “Pixel Craft Spotlight“! You must check it out.

Eringorad and his gang are all amazing perler/pixel artist and have put together a great pixel animated series. Their focus is pixelartists and musical artists with retro video game stylings. They are also known to bring in some cool guests that have a love of gaming.

This episode features Rick Sanders aka Pixel Stitch, a master of needle point pixel art.

Check out the latest episode and give them a subscribe!

You can find some of Eringobrads’ awesome art for sale here on Gametrog!

Click the image to check them out.

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Eringobrad is a perler artist and game enthusiast. If you enjoy retro games and art inspired by them find him on instagram and facebook.

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