Greetings all! Gametrog here. Pixelheart has an Enhanced Edition to the Cyber Punk side scroller Liberated!

Take a dash of Comic Zone and throw in some Flashback and Out of this World and you get a taste of what Liberated is all about. This game has some serious style and I can’t wait to review it! Stay tuned!

In the mean time you can go ahead and pre-order your copy now here!

We are excited to reveal a new pre-order we’ve prepared with Walkabout Games! You can already see it available on our website — it’s Liberated – Enhanced Edition.

This experience is probably unlike anything you’ve seen before. A side-scrolling action-adventure at heart, this noir cyberpunk story takes place entirely across the pages of a comic book. It’s a revolution in digital comics, seamlessly connecting gameplay and story scenes with no loading screens in between.

Moreover, this is the new Enhanced Edition, which introduces full English voice-over, 2 additional chapters, and gameplay enhancements!

Game Features

  • A video game that you play within comic book pages
  • Seamless transitions between gameplay and hand-drawn story panels
  • Side-scrolling action: gunplay, stealth, platforming
  • A voiceover, which reflect the script
  • A new story DLCs

Gametrog will review this game soon! In the mean-time check out the trailer!

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