Route 66 Simulator is a Open World Road Trip Simulation Game made by Grande Games and NPC Games, Published by Playway S.A. and Releasing for PC later in 2023! Right now there we don’t know if Route 66 Simulator will come to other Platforms but hopefully it does!

Have you ever dreamed about leaving everything behind and setting out on an great road trip across the United States? Get a budget, build your car and make your dream come true! Try to survive on the most famous road in the world!

In Route 66 Simulator you can get around by walking or driving a car. Your car in Route 66 Simulator can get damaged and needs repair, needs gas and parts. You can drive your car in 1st person and 3rd person on your trip across America. There is also car customization in Route 66 Simulator!

Driving isn’t the only way you make your way on this iconic route, sometime you end up on foot. In Route 66 Simulator your character needs to eat and sleep to keep moving. You have a house where you can repair your car and sleep plus motels where you do the same on the road. There are also bars you can drink pick up side quest and play games. And of course gas stations where you can refill gas, repair your car and more.

Route 66 Simulator has main missions, side missions such as transport missions, minigames such as darts you can do! Car traffic NPCs are also on the road and you can see them sitting around buildings and doing other things. Some things I’d like to see added to Route 66 Simulator is the ability to customize your character, being able to play as your character in 3rd person view alongside 1st person view, and jobs such as being able to work the gas stations, motels, etc! There is a Free demo for Route 66 Simulator out right now on PC! Route 66 Simulator is also getting a Free prologue called Route 66 Simulator The Free Ride which will release on PC soon!


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