Above Snakes is a Wild West Inspired Survival RPG Game made by Square Glade Games and published by Crytivo! Above Snakes is releasing on May 25, 2023 for PC! Right now we don’t know if Above Snakes will come to other Platforms as well but hopefully it does!

In Above Snakes you can build your own world and survive. There are various biomes you can explore, elements and lost souls you can battle in Above Snakes. In Above Snakes you can gather resources, construct bases, and craft weapons and tools to hunt, fish, farm, and fight. Whether you prefer peaceful farming or thrilling combat Above Snakes offers endless possibilities for players to explore and conquer. You can also find seeds from wild herbs and vegetables, create crop farms, and harvest goods in Above Snakes. There are also 100+ unique world pieces with different biomes and biome combinations in Above Snakes. Above Snakes has quests that you can complete at your own pace as well as high replay value. There is also a story in Above Snakes which is about a young woman in the middle of a conflict. Above Snakes has lots of accessibility options including full controller support, key and button rebinding, disable camera shake, disable smooth camera movements, photosensitive mode, custom volume controls for sfx, music, eating noises, and footsteps. There is a free Prologue out for Above Snakes now on PC!

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