Rain World, developed by Videocult and published by Akupara Games and Adult Swim Games, is a captivating 2D Survival Platforming Game. Initially released on March 28, 2017, for PS4 (also playable on PS5) and PC, it later became available on Nintendo Switch on December 13, 2018. Excitingly, Rain World is set to launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X in 2023.

In Rain World, players assume the role of a nomadic slugcat, a unique creature that exists as both predator and prey in a broken ecosystem. Armed with a trusty spear, you must navigate treacherous industrial wastelands in search of sustenance to survive. However, caution is essential as other formidable creatures share the same goal and view slugcats as a delectable meal.

The game offers two playable characters: The Monk and The Hunter, catering to distinct playstyles. The Monk presents a more accessible approach, while The Hunter embodies a more aggressive playstyle. With a vast world comprising over 1600 rooms and spanning 12 diverse regions, Rain World invites players to explore ancient secrets and confront unknown dangers.

Rain World features intense primal predator encounters that demand swift reflexes, strategic resource management, and a constant awareness of the impending threat of rain. Its procedural design and individualistic AI ensure that each playthrough presents a unique and challenging experience.

For those seeking multiplayer thrills, Rain World provides a multiplayer arena accommodating up to four players. Competitive and Sandbox modes offer various gameplay options to engage and challenge friends.

Additionally, Rain World boasts a comprehensive bestiary, showcasing both dangerous predators and potential prey, providing players with valuable insights into the world’s inhabitants.



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