Havendock: A Charming 3D Life Simulation Resource Management Game

Havendock, a delightful 3D life simulation resource management game, is a labor of love created by a talented individual known as YYZ. Published by Different Tales and IndieArk, the game is now available for PC in Steam Early Access, with plans for a full release and console launch expected in 2024.

Set in the heart of the sea, Havendock presents you with the challenge of survival while constructing a thriving town. As you attract settlers to your humble abode, your role shifts to that of a manager, ensuring their needs are met and their well-being secured. What sets Havendock apart is its comprehensive character creator, enabling you to design your own unique persona within the game.

Resource collection plays a vital role in Havendock’s gameplay. You’ll scour floating debris to gather the necessary materials to sustain your settlement. With these resources in hand, you can construct essential facilities, fostering self-sufficiency and allowing you to mold your haven according to your preferences and at your own pace.

In Havendock, cultivating a sustainable food source becomes paramount. Establish farms to grow crops, preparing delicious meals to satiate your settlers’ appetites. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to nurture and feed animals, forming delightful bonds with these fluffy companions eager to assist you in your endeavors.

Collaboration is key in Havendock. Engage your settlers in productive tasks, transforming them into valuable teammates to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. Expand your capabilities by constructing a range of structures, from simple devices like water distillers and coffee makers to advanced robots that automate your workload. Unleash your creativity as you build power plants, submarines, rockets, and more.

Embark on exciting voyages across the sea with the ability to navigate boats to neighboring islands. Dive into the depths of the ocean using submarines, unraveling hidden treasures beneath the waves. With Havendock, the possibilities extend even underwater, offering you the freedom to build beneath the surface.

Whether you choose to embark on this adventure solo or alongside friends, Havendock accommodates both solo and co-op gameplay, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Havendock and discover the joys of resource management, settlement building, and the bonds formed with endearing characters and creatures alike.

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