GigaBash, a 3D action-packed kaiju monster brawler fighting game, was developed by Passion Republic Games. It was initially released for the PS4, PS5, and PC on August 4, 2022, with a Nintendo Switch version slated for August 5, 2023, and a potential release on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X around the same time. GigaBash marks the debut game from Passion Republic Games.

In GigaBash, players take on the role of powerful kaiju monsters and engage in battles within stages featuring destructible environments. The kaiju monsters possess light and heavy attacks, as well as a unique special move. They can dodge, perform air dashes, and even hurl buildings and objects at their opponents. As the kaiju monsters inflict damage on their rivals, they accumulate Giga-energy. With sufficient Giga-energy, the kaiju can transform into “S-class” monsters, significantly boosting their strength and size. During matches, a Giga-ball will appear, and the kaiju that obtains it can unleash an ultimate attack, causing devastating damage to other opponents.

GigaBash offers 10 playable kaiju monsters and provides various gameplay options. Players can enjoy the game solo in four campaigns and a mode where they can compete against AI-controlled kaiju monsters. Additionally, local and online multiplayer modes are available, supporting up to four players. The game features a battle mode where kaiju monsters engage in free-for-all battles or split into teams to combat each other. GigaBash also offers a Mayhem mode, a party mode featuring various minigames that players can enjoy together.



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