The Story: SHEEP LAD is a grand scale Swashbuckling, Role-playing, Platforming Adventure Game, with a focus on combat, exploration, and surreal mysteries. Take on the Role of Basil the Sheep Lad as he journeys into a dangerous land Dungeoneering and Questing in search for his older sister

Sheep Lad is a 2D Action Platformer RPG made by 1 person, Robin Poe! There is no release date for Sheep Lad yet but my guess is 2024. Right now the only platform Sheep Lad will release on is PC but could come to other platforms in the future.

Sheep Lad is inspired by Zelda II The Adventure of Link and other 2D games of that style. There will be a Kickstarter to help fund development of Sheep Lad but there is no start date yet, click here to follow: Sheep Lad Kickstarter. The Steam page for Sheep Lad is also up, you can see it here: Steam: Sheep Lad . Robin Poe also has a Twitter where he posts pics and updates of Sheep Lad. I’m very excited for this game as I love new games with that classic retro feel. I look forward to playing and reviewing this in the future!

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