Recipe for Disaster is a management sim that captures the fast-paced, drama filled environment of a professional kitchen and dining room! Recipe for Disaster started Early Access for PC on November 4, 2021 and came out fully on PC on August 5, 2022 and is made by Dapper Penguin Studios and published by Kasedo Games!

In Recipe for Disaster you can build your dream restaurant, create recipes, design menus and manage your staff, all while contending with demanding customers and disastrous situations! Recipe has procedurally generated hopefuls (workers) that you can hire! In Recipe for Disaster each procedurally generated hopefuls have their own unique combination of traits and skill levels, and these can affect their work efficiencies, behaviour and customer interaction! Will they excel? Or will they prove to be more trouble than they’re worth? You can manage your team’s mood and stamina levels to minimize the risk of breakdowns and mid service walkouts, some workers will love the tasks that you give them, while others will loathe them!

Recipe for Disaster allows you to customize the design and layout of your restaurants using intuitive building tools, you can equip your kitchen with state of the art appliances, you can decorate your dining area, you can landscape your surroundings, and you are able to build storage to hold those precious ingredients! It helps to make sure you have the necessary ingredients by keeping on top of your storage levels and placing regular orders with your suppliers!

Keeping everyone moving is easy in Recipe for Disaster, you can manually assign tasks to your team or keep everyone busy by using a highly customisable priority system! It helps to keep a close eye on incoming customer orders and adjust your strategy in real time to ensure the highest standard of food and customer service! And it helps to stay focused on the demands of your customers and adjust your menu to match their tastes, dietary requirements, food allergies and unusual preferences.

You also must decide how best to deal with the requests and complaints of your staff and customers! Will you be sympathetic or combative? In Recipe for Disaster, pushovers and tyrants will soon find themselves out of business, so you’ll have to read each situation carefully! Also Recipe for Disaster has a powerful recipe editor which allows you to freely create original recipes and add them to your menus!

Here’s to hoping Recipe for Disaster opens a new restaurant on home consoles soon!


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