Punch A Bunch is a unique physics based, boxing game made by one person, Pontypants (Pontus)! The developer says he’s a fan of games that are initially really difficult but then become almost easy once you really get the hang of it. Punch A Bunch came out on PC on January 20, 2023! I look forward to it making an appearance on other platforms later this year 2023! Indie Games continue to shine! I love Indie Games! Let’s take a closer look.

Punch A Bunch places an emphasis on player skill and controls and takes some time to master! There are no skill points or leveling up in Punch A Bunch, you start with everything you need. Fight your way though 3 different championships from Amateur to Pro with each featuring unique opponents and challenges. Punch A Bunch has a quick tutorial to get you started on your boxing journey, but then throws you into the ring. Most people start off pretty rough but Punch A Bunch is designed to give you great satisfaction through honing your skills and mastering the controls! To be honest is reminds me a bit of Ballz for the SEGA Genesis and SNES!


  • Unique controls giving you full control but takes practice to master.
  • Quick tutorial to get you started on your boxing journey.
  • 100% physics-based.
  • Lots of additional challenges to keep completionists coming back for more.
  • Play against friends in Local Multiplayer (compatible with Steam Remote Play).
  • 100+ unlockable items to customize your character with.
  • Classic “Just One More Try” experience.


  • NO skill-points or leveling, all you need is practice, skill and patience.
  • NOT a casual game, if you don’t like a challenge, keep looking!
  • NO online multiplayer (maybe in the future).
  • NOT a button-mashing game.

Pontypants has a Twitter Page where he posts news and pic about Punch A Bunch! Pontypants (Pontus) also has a YouTube Channel where he posts vids of Punch A Bunch, etc! Indie Games continue to shine! I love Indie Games!

You can see the game here on Steam.



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