Pocket Bravery is a 2D Style Fighting Game in super deformation art style, with charismatic characters, vibrant colors and a combat system based on the Fighting Game Classics from the ‘90s like NEO GEO’s Fatal Fury and King of Fighters. It’s made to attract experienced players, but also has features to teach new ones!

Pocket Bravery uses the D-pad and four buttons, two for punches and two for kicks! In Pocket Bravery you can execute the traditional movement commands using the directional pad plus the buttons to make special moves, super specials or even the final attack! Each character has an element that represents his/her strength (Fire, Ice, Etc.) both physical and supernatural. You can accumulate up to 2 of these elemetal attacks making it possible to execute attacks that have different characteristics from the others and bring new offensive or defensive possibilities for the player!

Pocket Bravely will have 12 playable characters at launch! Pocket Bravely is made by Statera Studio and published by PQube and will be released in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Switch, and PC! A demo for Pocket Bravely is out on PC on Steam! Here are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Pages for Pocket Bravery which post about News of Pocket Bravery, Pics of Pocket Bravery, etc! Pocket Bravery is expanding the Fighting Game Genre and I can’t wait to play!

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