Lunacid is a 1st Person Dungeon Crawler inspired by From Software Games such as Shadow Tower and King’s Field. It is out now on Steam Early Access for PC. Lunacid is made by one person KIRA LLC! Lunacid released on Steam Early Access on PC on March 15, 2022. It’s not yet out available on consoles but I hope Lunacid will make a console appearance later this year in 2023!  KIRA LLC also has a Twitter Page where they post Pics of Lunacid, News of Lunacid, etc. A lot of the gaming gems today are made by smaller devs. Smaller devs innovate more than Triple AAA devs and care about their players more. Games made by smaller devs are referred to as Indie Games. And I love Indie Games a lot!


Tyler Thunder

Hi, I'm Tyler Thunder! I love gaming! I have been gaming since I was born! Also I love playing all kinds of games. Give me a follow on IG!

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