Dust & Neon is a game made by David Marquardt Studios and published by Rogue Games, Inc.! Dust & Neon came out February 16, 2023 for PC and Switch! I hope Dust & Neon comes to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X later this year also!

Dust & Neon pits a single cowboy against an army of robots in this fast-paced, roguelite action twin stick shooter, set in a futuristic Wild West. Dust & Neon also is a seriously robust and challenging shooter with visceral reload mechanics that pop each bullet into the chamber during the heat of battle! Dust & Neon also has best in class controls allowing for twitch speed and precision gunplay, and a dynamic power up boost system will have you mowing down mechanical menaces with nonstop action, dive, slide and seamlessly take automatic cover as you reload and strategize your next move! It has an arsenal of nearly 2,000 unlockable wholly unique revolvers, shotguns and rifles. Dust & Neon also has 1,600 unique tonics allowing you to temporarily change or enhance your gunslinger’s abilities on the battlefield, crack open hundreds of loot boxes filled with money, weapons and upgrades, and upgrade your gunslinger with 24 unique skills that fundamentally change the way the game plays!

Dust & Neon features an action-packed 10-plus-hour campaign. Completionists will find many, many more hours of adventure at their disposal. A huge varied world you can explore with four unique regions that you can shoot out against an impressive roster of robot enemies with unique strengths and weaknesses, and claim the bounties on a sinister cast of villains in epic boss fights! Dust & Neon is another amazing Indie Game!

We are in the Golden Era of Indie Games!


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