Gone are the days when you would hear “see you on TeamSpeak”, cause now the hype is all about Discord. It took over every other voice and chat server platforms in merely a few weeks. And that is not because other servers or platforms were not as good as Discord but the features and functionalities it provided, were and are tremendous.

It’s altogether free, light, effortless to use, fabulous voice quality and never-ending features. If you are ready to step on the gas, let’s go and look at how we can delete a Discord server.

Discord works both as a Desktop client as well as a browser application. That’s the beauty of it that most of settings and features work mostly the same on both the clients. As a Discord server admin, the rights you have are legitimate and godlike. With that said it means, you can control everything that users can do, whether you choose bots on servers, interaction on the server and the list goes on.

There are several things that people love about discord channels and Discord altogether. Thus, if you play a lot of PC games nowadays, this is one non-push to talk voice chat and discussion platform for you. With non-push to talk means, you can communicate with your team or people on the channel, without pressing any button. The sensitivity of the mic picks up your voice and lets you talk. You can also camouflage your identity using various real-time voice changer on Discord. How amazing is that!

Discord has crossed over 250 Million users as it turned four. Thus, channels have also increased drastically overseas, and the server capacities and limitation caps have been made strict to per user, so that people can enjoy with safety measures while using it with seamless services.

Discord channels serve almost every single popular game in today’s gaming community. Starting from Fortnite, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and whatnot. Thus, if you are one of the fans out there who want to join discussions on the games, you can jump into these channels within a few clicks.

But sometimes being an admin on a discord channel can be hectic while managing everything on the channel. Rather than being inactive on Discord, you can delete the server within a few clicks. Although it’s not at all required to delete a server because you might need it anywhere in time and its always a pleasure. But if you still want to remove it, here’s a quick guide how you can delete a Discord server.

Step 1 –

Open your Discord App client and Log in.

Step 2 –

Choose the server name and then go to server settings.

Step 3 –

Select “Delete Server” option, within the server window that can be found at the left bottom panel.

Step 4 –

Enter Server Name in the text box and click on “Delete Server”.

And that’s it. It’s that easy to delete a Discord server and can be done in no time at all within a few clicks.

Apart from getting recognition for such great features, Discord has come out to be one single platform for many people to discuss over many things that they might feel like sharing. People who are still fans of Retro and Classic old school games, love Discord for the fact that it has assembled communities that enjoy the same type of games, whether it be retro or new ones.

Thus, joining a community that actually feels alike is the wish of every retro lover, so that users can also share their hearts outs and have fun over the game altogether. Discord has community servers like Retro Gaming, Classic Gaming and several others that discuss retro and arcade games back in the old days. This not only attracts the retro lovers but also generates tremendous traffic on their servers. Which always benefits people and the service as well.

Several famous Twitch streamers like PewdiePie, RetroGamingLiveTV, SpeedrunHypeTV, SharpiePlays and others have always promoted retro games which people love to watch and have interactive fun chats about the game on Discord servers. RetroGamingLiveTV merely focuses on Retro and arcade, classic games that might have gone extinct in some minds but still shines on the streams of these Twitch streams once in a while.

Classic arcades/retro games that people love even in today’s AAA titles decade are listed below –

  • Legend of Zelda
  • EarthBound
  • Super Mario 64
  • Ocarina of Time
  • Crystalis
  • Mario Kart

Such classics are always discussed on Discord servers. Alongside these arcade titles, Counter-Strike 1.6 has also been added to retro games as it has initiated a community of modern yet retro First-Person Shooting players that loved being competitive. Thus, thousands of Discord servers and Twitch streams always discuss CS 1.6 nowadays as well.

Final Verdict –

Using Discord as your voice chat and discussion service is always fun and interactive. Rather than using push to talk features on your game, you can use non-push to talk service as Discord. Also, you can join several channels on Discord that might be of your interest as it’s always fun and makes you intuitive about your favourite games.

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