Go-Go Town is a Sandbox Life Simulation Building Game made by Prideful Sloth and releasing for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2024!

In Go-Go Town you are a mayor, and as mayor it’s up to you to breathe life back into this rundown town. To do this you can construct shops, arcades, burger joints, hire staff, automate deliveries with couriers, and attract tourists to town, all while managing infrastructure and avoiding catastrophes. Buildings in Go-Go Town can be constructed and repaired and must be maintained. To help with this there are many tools you can use such as chainsaws, drills, trimmers, leaf blowers and more.

The types of NPC people you can hire in Go-Go Town include shopkeepers, miners, fishermen, lumberjacks and farmers. There is a tech tree in Go-Go Town which allows you to unlock features like terraforming which will allow you even more control over how you grow your town, Larger houses, other buildings such as art galleries, and a greater variety of objects that allow you to add your own personal touches to each and every block. The amount of NPC people that come to your town in Go-Go Town depends on how well you make your town. You can also visit other places such as mines. Go-Go Town is playable alone and with other players.



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