Lego 2K Drive has been leaked and will release later in 2023 for PC and Consoles! Lego 2K Drive is made by Visual Concepts and Published by 2K! Lego 2K Drive will have several game modes including Cup Series, Race, Shared World, and more! Lego 2K Drive will also be Open World where you can drive many different types of vehicles to complete mini games, quests and races. Vehicles include Cars, Boats, Planes, Tractors and more. There is also a Garage in LEGO 2K Drive which means there will be lots of Vehicle Customization. Lego 2K Drive will also be playable alone, with friends and other people online! When the announcement of Lego 2K Drive comes I will post about it! Due to this leak for Lego 2K Drive happening right now I don’t we are far from the announcement of Lego 2K Drive!


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