River City Ransom is an OG Open World, Action Role-Playing, and Beat ‘Em-Up Game that released for the NES on January 1990, GBA (Called River City Ransom EX on GBA since its a Remake) on May 26, 2004, PS4 (Also Playable on PS5), Xbox One (Also Playable on Xbox Series S/X), and Nintendo Switch on April 16, 2020!

River City Ransom is about high school students Alex and Ryan as they go across River City in an attempt to reach River City High and rescue Ryan’s girlfriend Cyndi from the clutches of a villain called Slick. River City Ransom fighting style is letting the player move freely around the screen while pressing buttons to punch, kick, or jump, objects such as brass knuckles, steel pipes, and trash cans can be used as melee weapons or thrown at enemies. The enemies in River City Ransom drop coin money loot. There are 9 gangs in River City Ransom. There are many cities and towns you can go to in River City Ransom. The cities and towns in River City Ransom have shops where you can buy items, etc, restaurants where you can buy food and drinks, spas, and other places you can go too. River City Ransom also lets you put passwords that keep track of your character’s stats, skills, possessions, money, and defeated bosses.

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