God Hand is an action beat ’em up game that was developed by Clover Studio and published by Capcom. It was originally released for PlayStation 2 on October 10, 2006, and later for PlayStation 3 on the PS Store on October 4, 2011. The game features Gene, a skilled martial artist, and Olivia, a descendant of the clan that once protected the God Hands. Players take on the role of Gene and engage in fast-paced combat against various enemies using a variety of moves and special abilities.

The gameplay in God Hand allows for movement in all directions, with attacks executed using the face buttons and special moves triggered using context-sensitive buttons. The player can also turn around using a button and perform dodge moves using the right analog stick. Additionally, the game offers a vast array of moves, ranging from basic jabs and punches to more advanced techniques such as drunken style and capoeira martial arts. There are 100 moves to choose from, and players can assign them to any of the four face buttons.

One of the most notable gameplay mechanics in God Hand is the God Reel, a roulette wheel that contains moves that players can choose to execute. These moves are limited by the number of Roulette Orbs the player has, which can be increased by collecting Skull Cards found throughout each stage. Some moves are devastating, sending opponents flying into the air, while others are simple punches or kicks aimed at specific body parts.

Another important feature in God Hand is the Tension Gauge. As players strike and defeat enemies, the gauge increases. Players can also increase the gauge by taunting or using tension-boosting attacks, as well as by finding cards within each stage. Once the gauge reaches a set amount, players can remove the bracelet from Gene’s arm to temporarily unleash the God Hand. In this state, Gene is invincible and his attacks increase in both power and speed.

The game also features a Difficulty Level bar that dynamically adjusts to the amount of damage the player deals or receives. Players can manually decrease the level by using the Grovel God Roulette or increase it by dealing a large number of unanswered attacks to their enemies while also dodging their attacks. The Difficulty Level affects the strength of the enemies, with higher levels resulting in stronger opponents.

In addition to the main storyline, players can also engage in various mini-games, such as playing slots, blackjack, poster, chihuahua racing, and a fighting arena, all of which can provide rewards such as money or technique scrolls.

Despite its critical acclaim, Clover Studio closed in March 2007, leading many fans to hope for a God Hand remaster/remake or a sequel. The game’s unique combat system and over-the-top action continue to capture the imaginations of players, making it a cult classic and a beloved addition to the beat ’em up genre.


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