Ape Escape, the first game in the Ape Escape series, introduced players to a thrilling 3D platforming adventure. Originally released on June 22, 1999, for the PS1, it made a comeback on the PS4 and PS5 on June 13, 2022. The game revolves around Spike, who must stop an ape named Specter from altering history and ensuring the dominance of monkeys. Equipped with ingenious gadgets, Spike explores diverse environments to progress through the game. Players control Spike and employ various tools like the Stun Club for offense and the Time Net to capture and transport apes to the present day. As the game unfolds, more gadgets and vehicles, such as a rubber raft and a water net, become available for added gameplay variety. Ape Escape’s controls heavily rely on the analog sticks, with the left stick for movement and the right stick for manipulating gadgets. The apes in the game wear helmets with colored sirens indicating their alarm levels: blue for relaxation, yellow for alertness, and red for hostility or escape attempts. Each ape’s personality is also reflected in the color of their shorts: yellow for standard, light blue for timid, and red for aggressive. Some apes wield weapons or use binoculars to identify players from afar. To progress, players must capture a specific number of apes per level, with remaining ones capturable upon revisiting the level. Taking damage results in losing a life, but players can replenish their health by collecting cookies. Throughout the game, players can collect hidden Specter Coins, unlocking three bonus mini-games: Ski Kidz Racing, Galaxy Monkey (a shoot ’em up against aliens), and Specter Boxing (a boxing game utilizing the analog sticks for dodging and punching). Additionally, a remake of the game called Ape Escape On the Loose was released for the PSP on March 24, 2005. Stay tuned for my videos on Ape Escape and the other games in the series!


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