Tekken 7, the 7th awesome fighting game in the series from Bandi. Tekken 7 was released in the Arcade on March 18, 2015. And quickly appeared on the PS4 (Also Playable on PS5), Xbox One (Also Playable on Xbox Series S/X), and PC on June 2, 2017! Tekken 7 is all about 1v1 fighting battles. Rage Art, Power Crush, and Screw Hits were new elements added along with improved character movement. Tekken 7 also has a new display system, amazing character customization and 52 playable characters. The story takes place after Tekken 6 and is focused on the events leading up to the final battle between marital artist Heihachi Mishima and his son Kazuya.

Although it’s been out for a while. It is still an amazing fighting game you can pick up for cheap!


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