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Yoshi and Baby Mario are back in Yoshi’s Island DS on the Nintendo DS. However, they aren’t alone, as they brought along an array of other Nintendo babies with them.

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Yoshi and Baby Mario are back in Yoshi's Island DS on the Nintendo DS. However, they aren't alone, as they brought along an array of other Nintendo babies with them. For the first time, this platformer game series lets players use Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Peach, and Baby Wario. Baby Bowser also makes a reappearance, although this time as a hero and not a villain. In Yoshi's Island DS, the evil Kamek is back, but this time he's not satisfied just capturing Baby Luigi. Instead, he wants to capture every baby in the entire Mushroom Kingdom. Our heroic babies must band together to put an end to the evil Kamek's plan in the 2D video game. This game title was developed by Artoon and published by Nintendo in 2006.Yoshi's Island DS is a sequel to earlier Yoshi Nintendo games in the Super Mario World series and includes some similar features. You'll play as a group of Yoshis with each Yoshi having the same abilities. Your primary method of attack is stomping on your enemies to defeat them. You can also swallow them and turn them into eggs. You can then use these eggs as weapons against your foes or to collect items in the environment. Each Yoshi can also flutter in the air for a limited time, gaining some altitude. Just like in the original game's version, when Yoshi takes a hit, the baby flies off his back. You only have a few seconds to get the baby back before it's game over.Each of the babies adds a new ability to Yoshi and his pals. Baby Mario gives Yoshi abilities that include ricocheting eggs and a dash feature. Special "M" blocks will also appear on a level with extra items inside each one. Mario can also grab Invincibility Stars. After catching this star, Mario can run through the level on his own, defeating all enemies in his path. Baby Peach lets Yoshi jump higher and float further, allowing the duo to reach a faraway platform. Baby Donkey Kong gives Yoshi the ability to swing on vines and ropes. The eggs Yoshi throws will also explode on contact. Wario lends his magnet to the dinosaur, which attracts all magnetic items towards the duo. Lastly, Baby Bowser lets Yoshi shoot fireballs at the expense of not being able to throw eggs. You'll find yourself frequently switching babies to find all the secrets in each game level. Yoshi's Island DS is full of collectibles. Finding all the collectibles will grant players access to a secret set of levels.Yoshi's Island DS for the Nintendo DS features the same classic Yoshi storybook graphics for Nintendo. However, the extra power of the Nintendo DS allows for more detail on each screen of the game. The island action spreads to both screens on the Nintendo DS, letting you see twice as much of the game at all times. Yoshi's Island DS has a rating of E, meaning it's suitable for gamers of all ages. Yoshi's Island DS combines challenging gameplay with a beautiful aesthetic.

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