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Mario’s evil twin returns! Wario, everyone’s favorite miser, is back on the Game Boy Color, fighting once again to wrest first-string mascot status from “that other” Italian plumber.

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Mario's evil twin returns! Wario, everyone's favorite miser, is back on the Game Boy Color, fighting once again to wrest first-string mascot status from "that other" Italian plumber.

Wario Land 3 finds our smarmy antihero in a pickle. Out enjoying a cruise in his private plane, Wario's engine sputters suddenly, sending him spiraling toward the ground in a curl of smoke. Confused and irritated, Wario takes shelter in a nearby cave, where he comes across a magical music box.

After being sucked mysteriously into the box, Wario happens into an odd-looking little guy who claims to have once ruled the world inside the music box. His kingdom has been taken over it seems, and overrun by nasty creatures. He needs his five smaller music boxes recovered in order to regain his magic powers. After wondering what this all has to do with him, our greedy gus Wario agrees to lend some muscle to the cause in exchange for all the treasure he can find, and a one-way ticket back home.

The gameplay in Wario Land 3 follows closely in the footsteps of its predecessors, and carries with it the traditional Wario twist: as before, Wario is completely invincible. But because Nintendo has shifted the emphasis of the game from simple survival to completing your quest, level layouts and puzzles have become more complex than in previous Wario or Mario games for the Game Boy.

Which isn't to say your enemies aren't to be feared. Across the five worlds Wario will have to explore, he'll run across baddies who have the capability to temporarily handicap Wario in nearly a dozen ways. For example, Wario may be electrocuted, set ablaze, inflated, frozen, flattened, rolled into a ball, and even engorged with doughnuts. Naturally, entering one of these undesirable states has its drawbacks, rendering you in many instances unable to control Wario for a few moments. However, there are several areas and items within the game that can't be reached unless you strategically stricken yourself with a particular condition.

Wario navigates across each world via a world map, a la Super Mario World. If you're ever stuck on where to go next, your godlike buddy at the temple will give you a tip. As in previous Wario or Mario games, there's often more than one way to complete a level. Completing it through different paths or procuring different special items usually results in the opening up of new areas on the world map. Other times, however, you'll have a new skill bestowed upon you. Wario may start out a bit dim and clumsy, but as you progress through the game, he'll have the ability to stomp on blocks and certain foes, he'll be able to pick items up and toss them, he'll even learn to swim like a pro. These abilities will uncover areas within the game that are otherwise inaccessible.

Beyond all this, there's even a mini-game in Wario Land 3. Revisiting the more eccentric aspects of Mario Golf, Wario must putt (re: kick) an enemy creature into a hole. A power meter at the bottom of the screen assists you with your "swing." Far from being a mere diversion, the golf mini-game is integral to progressing in your quest.

Wario Land 3 is a one-player game only, with a single save file. Your progress is saved for you either automatically after completing a level, or by saving your game yourself via the inventory screen.

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