Tiny Arcade – Q*bert


The Tiny Arcade Qbert! Get ready to run and jump as you try to change the color of the cubes by hopping onto them. When all the cubes in the pyramid have been changed to the destination color you will advance to the next round.

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Q*bert, a weird orange guy with feet and a large nose. You must hop on all the cubes to change them to the proper color before the crazy cast of enemies take you out.

  • Coily – Coily first appears as a purple egg that bounces to the bottom of the pyramid and then transforms into a snake that chases after Q*bert.
  • Ugg and Wrongway – Two purple creatures that hop along the sides of the cubes in an Escheresque manner. Starting at either the bottom left or bottom right corner, they keep moving toward the top right or top left side of the pyramid respectively, and fall off the pyramid when they reach the end.
  • Slick and Sam – Two green creatures that descend down the pyramid and revert cubes whose color has already been changed


Bring the excitement of the classic 80’s arcade home, in tiny form! Don’t have room for large arcade cabinets in your home? No problem. You can re-create a complete, working arcade on a shelf with the Tiny Arcade line of classic arcade games!

  • Plays just like the original arcade, this is the real game.
  • Controllers and buttons work just like the original.
  • Cabinet feature the actual real arcade cabinet graphics.
  • Authentic actual game music and sound.
  • Game marquee featuring logo actually lights up!
  • Includes 3 AAA Batteries.
  • Key chain attachment on back!

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Weight 4.8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in


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