The Uncanny X-Men


Marvel’s mutant superheroes make their NES debut in The Uncanny X-Men from LJN.

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Marvel's mutant superheroes make their NES debut in The Uncanny X-Men from LJN. Viewed from an overhead perspective, the game has you guiding a pair of heroes in a mission to stop Magneto's world-domination plans. Six characters are available in total: Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Wolverine. Each is individually rated in power, endurance, speed, and willpower, with the second character in your two-man team controlled by the computer or a friend.

To take advantage of each character's abilities, you can switch between heroes by pressing the "select" button. A practice stage lets you familiarize yourself with the controls as you prepare for the main adventure. Battle creatures in five maze-like areas set in a factory, starship, and more. Punch, jump, fly, or use projectiles to neutralize enemies while avoiding traps and collecting power-ups. Each level ends with a boss fight, leading up to your secret showdown with Magneto.

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