The Hunt for Red October


The year is 1984 and the Cold War rages on. You are Soviet Captain Marko Ramius, pilot of the Red October, the most powerful submarine in the world.

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The Red October, which was made to be the flagship of the new Soviet submarine fleet, is equipped with torpedoes, bombs, surface and air missiles, and a cavitation drive, which enables to the sub to move with stealth. It also has electronic counter measures (ECMs), a device that floats out in front of the ship and causes enemy ships and subs to temporarily cease firing.

Obviously, the Russians aren't too pleased with your defection, so they send a fleet of submarines and planes to stop you. While firing away at the opposition, you should be careful of mines and depth charges.

Before you get too confident of your capabilities, understand that you must also undertake a number of specific missions, such as destroying an island stronghold harboring illegal arms merchants, escorting the Atlantic Queen cruise ship and defending offshore drilling platforms that have been targeted by saboteurs. There are nine missions in all, some of which support (but do not require) the Super Scope rifle. When using the scope, you will guide crosshairs around the screen, firing away at ships and planes.

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