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Originally conceived as a PlayStation title, The Getaway is a mission-based game set in London, England

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Originally conceived as a PlayStation title, The Getaway is a mission-based game set in London, England. Inspired by such films as The Long Good Friday and 1968's Get Carter, The Getaway has players slipping into the shoes of an ex-con named Mark Hammond. Hammond finds himself reluctantly drawn into a life of crime again after his wife is brutally murdered and his son abducted by the Bethnal Street Mob.

Now Hammond must complete 12 missions on behalf of a once-powerful crime boss named Charlie Jolson, whose control over London's East End is as frail as his health. If Hammond fails to comply, he'll never see his son again. The result is a cinematic adventure encompassing car chases, gunfights, stealth, and a second playable character in the form of embittered Detective Frank Carter, whose 12-mission storyline runs concurrent with Hammond's.

The 3D city captures an estimated 20 square miles of London, complete with authentic storefronts and landmarks. Players will also be able to walk into mission-related buildings such as restaurants, pubs, warehouses, and hotels during the course of the game. Actors were filmed using an advanced form of motion-capture technique, where up to five people could be recorded at once (along with their dialogue) inside actual sets. Each actor's face was also digitally scanned and mapped to his or her character model.

The main adventure in The Getaway consists of 52 objectives spread across the 24 missions, with driving representing nearly half of the action. The game distinguishes itself from others in the genre by its lack of on-screen indicators for targeting enemies or viewing health. Instead players must rely on subtle visual cues rather than obvious meters to advance through the game. Once the main mode is complete, players can embark on a scenic tour of London to visit various landmarks and notable attractions without worrying about time or having to complete objectives.

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