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Super Punch-Out!! is the Super NES update to Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, the NES classic.

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Super Punch-Out!! is the Super NES update to Mike Tyson's Punch Out, the NES classic. The game has you boxing your way through round after round against such wacky characters as Gabby Jay, Mad Clown, Bald Bull, and Dragon Chan. Some of the characters return from the original Mike Tyson game, while others are new. There are 16 different fighters in all, each with a special move.

Your boxer in this game is transparent, allowing for a first-person perspective, a view that remains faithful to the arcade version of Punch Out, which made its debut in 1984. Defensive positions include guarding, dodging and ducking while punching maneuvers include a variety of uppercuts, hooks, body blows, and jabs. Each punch has different power and speed. You can use special knock out punches when you build up your power meter. Stamina meters allow you to track you and your opponents' fatigue factor.

Super Punch Out!! features battery-back memory and allows you to enter your name so records and data can be saved for future play. You can play Championship Mode, in which your must progress through the four circuits, or Time Attack Mode, which enables you to select the opponent of your choice and try to improve your time record.

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