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You can practice your best backside flip, refine your boardslide, and perfect the rest of your skateboarding moves. Skate or Die! for Nintendo Entertainment System is a classic console game that can let you skate your way to fame and fortune. You can compete in a variety of different events that feature real skateboarding moves. From the graphics to the character design, it is heavy on 1980s gameplay charm.

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n Skate or Die! for NES, you control a skater competing in a variety of skateboarding events. You start off with a downhill course and work your way to freestyle ramps, high jumps, a pool joust, and other downhill races. Along the way, you encounter other characters. Rodney Recloose runs the skate shop where you get your gear. His son, Bionic Lester, is your main nemesis in the game. You must beat him and his two friends, Aggro Eddie and Poseur Pete, in skating events. The downhill events are races and usually involve competing with Bionic Lester. You must best Lester in other events as well, such as the ramps and jumps. Your joust opponent depends on your skill level. If you are a beginner, you compete with Poseur Pete, but you may face off with Aggro Eddie if you have more gaming experience. If you are skilled in the game, you must best Lester in the joust. Skate or Die! for NES features both single player and multiplayer modes. In single player mode, you control one skater, who competes against the non-playable characters in the game. Multi-player modes add additional skaters to the tournament. You can play this game with up to eight players, which can offer hours of skateboard gaming fun. Skate or Die! for NES can offer a variety of different gameplay elements, including racing, strategic moves, and tournament-style play.

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