SEGA Master System / Genesis 1 Power Base Converter


SEGA Master System complete with controller, power supply, RCA AV Cable and game. Tested and works great!

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The SEGA Power Base Converter

Model #1620

While there was only one version made, it is technically another version of the SEGA Master System, but due to the fact that it requires the SEGA Genesis I thought it needed its own page.

It fits and sits beautifully on the original SEGA Genesis, and adds the nice Master System color scheme to it.

While all you have to do is plug it in, flip open the cartridge door, and start playing Master System games. You could not plug Genesis games into the Power Base. To play your Genesis games again you had to remove the Power Base. Not a big deal as it was basically a very large cartridge.

Every SEGA Master System game was compatible except for Alien Syndrome. You could also use the SEGA Genesis controller to play Master System games (Buttons B & C served as Buttons 1 & 2), for most games. If you experienced some odd controls you can always just plug in a SEGA Master System Controller.

NOTE: This WILL NOT fit on a SEGA Genesis Model 2 or 3

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