SEGA Genesis 1, Master System – AV Cable RCA


High Quality SEGA Genesis – Model 1 AV Cable. This RCA cable will also work with the SEGA Master System & SEGA Power Base Converter (when used with a model 1 Genesis).

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This is the RCA (White & Yellow) Audio/Video Cable for the SEGA Genesis Model 1 system. This cable will also work with the SEGA Master System and SEGA Power Base Converter.

You can use this cable to connect to both old-school CRT or Tube Televisions and new Flat Screen Televisions, as long as they have an RCA (Red, White & Yellow) Input.

NOTE: The SEGA Genesis Model 1 and the SEGA Master System do not output stereo sound from the AV port, only Mono. That is why there is only 1 (white) audio cable and no red cable. Red is the “right” speaker in stereo and white is the “left” speaker. When using only a white cable,  most TVs will play the sound through both speakers.

This cable will work on the following systems.
Select your system for instructions on hooking it up.

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Dimensions 2 × 1 × 9 in


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