SEGA 32X System with Virtua Racing – for Model 1 Genesis


SEGA 32X System for SEGA Genesis Model 1 with cords and game.

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SEGA 32X System complete with power supply, cross-over link cable, RCA AV Cable and Game. Tested and works great!

This is a cleaned and tested SEGA 32X System. Comes with a 120 Day warranty!*

This is listed as a MODEL 1 version because it comes with the Link Cable that fits the original Model 1 SEGA Genesis. If you have the smaller Model 2 SEGA Genesis select the MODEL 2 version of the 32X (the only difference is the link cable included and the Model 2 version comes with a spacer).


  • SEGA 32X System - Very Clean
  • SEGA 32X AC Power Supply - New
  • SEGA 32X Link Cable for Genesis Model 1 - New
  • SEGA 32X RCA AV Cable - New (not shown in main picture, but included)
  • SEGA 32X Game - Virtua Racing! - Cart only in great condition

Again, the LINK CABLE included with this 32X is for the MODEL 1 SEGA Genesis shown in the pictures (Genesis is NOT included).

Also, the SEGA 32X originally came with some metal clips for the Genesis Cartridge bay, these are not included, but are also not needed.

Click HERE for instructions on hooking up your 32X to a Model 1 SEGA Genesis

*SEGA 32X 120 Day Warranty - If this system stop working within 120 days of purchase you can return it for a replacement or, if no systems are in stock, a refund of your original purchase price. System must be returned for refund.

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