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Road Rash II for the Sega Genesis brings arcade quality action to your home console. The premise of Road Rash II is simple: be the best biker in the United States.

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Road Rash II for the Sega Genesis brings arcade quality action to your home console. The premise of Road Rash II is simple: be the best biker in the United States. Nothing else matters except crossing the finish line first. However, you'll have to contend against a rowdy pack of racers who will stop at nothing to see you lose. Even worse are the police officers prowling about, looking to end illegal street racing.

Road Rash II was developed and published by Electronic Arts in the United States and released in 1992 for the Sega Genesis console.At the start of this classic Sega Genesis game, you'll only have access to one type of bike. However, by completing races in first place, you'll earn money. You can use these funds to buy new bikes or upgrade your current one. You can make up for your initial lack of speed with your fists. Anything goes in this racing game, and with the tap of a button, you can punch other racers. Hit an opponent enough times to send him flying off of his bike. You'll want to watch out though, as opponents can also knock you off your bike. Additional weapons such as clubs and chains let you knock out your opponents faster.Road Rash II makes use of some graphical tricks to create a sense of speed. Your character remains locked into the same spot on the horizontal plane. This feature allows players to concentrate on just moving left or right to dodge objects. Objects such as cars will appear in the foreground, requiring fast reflexes to avoid.

The game uses a robust physics engine to make it feel as if you're really behind the wheel of a motorcycle. Your bike will go slowly up steep hills or fly into the air when you drive over a ramp. However, go too fast on a jump, and you'll wipe out. Your bike can only take so much damage before you're out of the race for good. You're also out of the race if a cop happens to knock you off of your bike. Juggling between avoiding obstacles on the road, other racers, and cops is the key to success in each race.

When you get bored of fighting against the CPU, you can take the fight to your friends. The Road Rash II game for Sega supports up to two players on one Genesis console. It adds multiplayer modes for competitive racing action and play. The Split Screen mode lets you and a friend race against both each other and all the CPU opponents. These games split the screen in half horizontally, with one player on the top, one on the bottom. If you'd prefer to play against a friend without the CPU, you can play Mano-a-Mano games. In Mano-a-Mano games, it's just you against your friend in a race to determine who is the better player. In this game type, you can select your bike, weapon, and track before the race starts.

Like most Sega Genesis games, Road Rash II was released before the ESRB began rating games, but it's appropriate for children ages 10 and up. Whether you play this title alone or with friends, you'll have a fun time.

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