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R.B.I. Baseball from Tengen is a classic game. Also known as Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium, the U.S. version retains all the same gameplay features as the Japanese version.

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R.B.I. Baseball from Tengen is a classic game. Also known as Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium, the U.S. version retains all the same gameplay features as the Japanese version. However, this baseball game for Nintendo did something no other game had managed to do at the time. R.B.I. Baseball was the first console game to include a license from the Major League Baseball Players Association. This license means that the Nintendo game can use actual player names instead of pseudonyms. With a release date of 1989, you can enjoy a burst of nostalgia looking through the roster. This NES title features MLB All-Stars like Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan, and Mark McGwire.Each of these athletes has their own unique statistics based on their real performances during 1988 and 1989. For example, Nolan Ryan will pitch faster than any other pitcher in the title. When you need someone to get a home run, put Mark McGwire up to bat. Players are rated on their hitting speed, pitching speed, and running speed. R.B.I. Baseball for the NES is also one of the first titles on the console to add realism elements to the game. For example, your pitchers get tired the more innings they play. Use a pitcher too long, and he'll start to throw slower and give the other team some free hits. You can also control the ball during a pitch and create your own curveballs. R.B.I. Baseball for Nintendo doesn't have the Major League Baseball license, so Tengen created their own teams for the game. However, these teams are located in the same cities as the real clubs. The in-game clubs also use the colors associated with the real teams. There are eight franchises you can choose to represent in this Nintendo video game. These franchises reside in Boston, Detroit, California, Houston, New York, Minnesota, St. Louis, and San Francisco. There are also two additional All-Star groups, the American League and National League. These two groups are full of notable professional athletes, including several who don't appear anywhere else in the title. After you finish a ballgame, this title displays a list of in-depth baseball stats for each player.This Nintendo title features some colorful and vibrant graphics. Each character has a large sprite that is packed full of detail. The extra information on the screen, such as the speed of the pitch, is neatly tucked away into the corners. You won't need to worry about this information obstructing your view on either offense or defense. The sound in this Nintendo title is lifelike and will have you feeling like you're at the stadium. When you're done winning against the computer, you can play against your friends in the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode on the NES supports up to two players simultaneously.R.B.I. Baseball is the first title in a classic series that would spawn over 10 different sequels. This NES title revolutionized sports games and became an instant hit among baseball fans.

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