Original (Discolored) NES System – RCA Pack


Everyone needs an NES System! And here’s one just for you! Everything you need to play NES games on any TV with RCA connections.

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The original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), RCA Composite pack. You get everything you need to play classic NES games on any TV with RCA Composite connections (Red, White & Yellow cables). Fully tested and comes with a 120 day warranty.

Here's what you get:

  • Original (Discolored) NES System - cleaned and tested and comes with a new 72-Pin connector added! Great condition NOTE: These systems have some of the common discoloring, and may have small chips. Basically they aren't the original grey color anymore but they work just as good and you save a few bucks! (Picture is just a sample)
  • NES RCA Composite AV cables (Red & White)
  • RCA Stereo Splitter - The NES has one audio port (mono) and will only play sound from one speaker. Add this cable to the end and you can get sound from both speakers.
  • NES Power Supply
  • (2) New NES Controllers (High quality "Cadet" Controllers)

Note: This set-up comes with RCA AV cables, your TV must have the RCA connections to use (Red, White and Yellow ports). We also have an HDMI HD System Pack for new flat screen TVs.

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