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NFL Blitz 20-03 continues the hard-hitting action Midway’s football series is known for with a number of enhancements to the core engine.

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NFL Blitz 20-03 continues the hard-hitting action Midway's football series is known for with a number of enhancements to the core engine. Camera angles are now more dynamic than in previous versions, and the on-field trash talking features lines recorded by cover star Michael Strahan, as well as players Ahman Green, Shannon Sharpe, John Lynch, Troy Vincent, and more. A greater variety of plays, many of which were designed by the NFL Pro Bowl players, animations, and moves have been included for diversity, and the Houston Texans have been added to the lineup of playable teams.

While in-game rosters reflect those at the start of the NFL's 2002-2003 season, players unsatisfied with the selection can create their own stars in the separate Create-Player mode. After choosing the name, number, height, weight, equipment, and body type, which includes fantasy characters such as clowns, horses, robots, and penguins, players can further tweak their athlete using ability points. Twenty points are allocated to areas such as speed, strength, and hands, with additional points earned by playing Exhibition games or answering trivia questions.

Each new athlete can also have two privileges to help set him apart from the rest of the team. Among the privileges players can select for their created alter ego include easier field goals, a big head, and an ability to see more field. Up to four players can partake in the action on the same screen, with a choice of Quick Play, Exhibition, Season, and Tournament modes. Players can adjust weather and time of day, set computer skill level and quarter length, change the camera angle to normal or wide, as well as toggle strategy tips, coach mode, icon passing, and the play select timer on or off.

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