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With a release date of October 16, 2000, Midnight Club: Street Racing brings competitive arcade-style street racing to the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2).

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With a release date of October 16, 2000, Midnight Club: Street Racing brings competitive arcade-style street racing to the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2). Like games before it, such as Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, and Most Wanted, the game focuses on racing modified vehicles through city streets. Published by Rockstar Games, Midnight Club: Street Racing, followed by the subsequent release of Midnight Club II, represents the first such title in this series. In addition to the PS2, the game also came out for the Microsoft Xbox and eventually became backward compatible for consoles like the Xbox 360. In single player, also called Career Mode, the Midnight Club in the game refers to a mysterious group of urban street racers who race for pride, prestige, and the pink slips of the cars they race. The player begins as a New York City taxi driver. However, after joining the Midnight Club, rises through the ranks to become the World Champion, gaining faster vehicles and better modifications along the way with victories. Midnight Club: Street Racing for the PS2 focuses on the streets of London and New York City. Containing landmarks from the respective cities, players race around such familiar sites as Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and Trafalgar Square in London, as well as the Empire State Building, Times Square, and United Nations Plaza, among other sites in New York City. In addition to offering up to 17 customizable cars, the game also offers streets full of shortcuts, secrets, and the ability to use game-changing cheats. When picking a vehicle to drive in Midnight Club for the PS2, you choose from the available cars in your stable, won over the course of races in single player. In the vehicle menu, you also choose car type, color, and paint scheme. Midnight Club multiplayer allows you to race against other online racers on your PS2 for bragging rights. The modes available include head-to-head racing, where competitors race on a designated course; waypoint racing, requiring you to race from point A to point B; and capture the flag, where you score points by capturing the flag of the opposing player. In addition, unlock a variety of multiplayer cheats by winning certain races online. The game offers hours of fun competing against the AI or online opponents on your PS2 console. Additionally, the game gives you the option of competing against a friend at home using the two-player split screen. In addition to racing, the whole series offers a variety of music types to listen to when driving, including dance, electro, and dubstep. The game has an ESRB Rating of E for Everyone, allowing the whole family to take part in the fun. In addition, the game offers a number of cheats, including the ability to drive using the Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, among others found online. If you seek arcade-style street racing, pick up a copy of Midnight Club: Street Racing for the PS2.

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