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Enter the fray of World War II as a warfighter in the fourth game in the Medal of Honor series. Medal of Honor: Frontline was released for the original Xbox in 2002.

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Enter the fray of World War II as a warfighter in the fourth game in the Medal of Honor series. Medal of Honor: Frontline was released for the original Xbox in 2002. Chronologically, it takes place during the same events as the first Medal of Honor game. Join Lt. Jimmy Patterson on a mission as he battles through challenges based on actual events. Fight behind enemy lines against the Nazis in 1944 as you cheat death and take part in one of the most pivotal moments in history.Medal of Honor: Frontline is well known among those who like to play this classic shooter game series for the Xbox platform. It takes place in the first-person perspective. Before each mission, you are introduced to new characters and debriefed on required goals for each operation. Starting with the storming of Omaha Beach, the game takes you through several different levels with different gameplay styles. Grab gold stars at each tier to eventually earn your medal. Stealth, infiltration, and outright fast action are all elements used for each mission. Players must truly enter the mind of an OSS warfighter if they hope to survive each operation.The weapons available for you to use are faithful to the time period. Over 20 realistic WWII weapons can be wielded, including the Colt .45 and the Panzerschreck. The enemies hold up their end of the fight with Panzer tanks and armored cars. Your weapons include standard pistols, a sub machine gun, sniper rifles, and even a rocket launcher. Figure out which weapon will get the best results as you progress through the game. You can get through every mission on your own until you gain enough skill to defeat the enemy. Be sure to get your hands on the prizefighting machine, otherwise known as HO-IX, the Germans' secret weapon.Medals are awarded at the end of each task depending on actions you take during the operation. For players who want to enhance their experience, there are several cheat codes available to be used. A typewriter in the main menu allows you to add in any cheat code, allowing for one-hit kills, secret missions, and hidden weapons to enhance your gameplay.Frontline allows you to navigate through tough battles and harsh enemies with a choice of weaponry. You will be able to tackle six main missions, and each one consists of multiple different levels. Though it is a single-player experience, multiplayer mode is also available. The Xbox version allows you to have a four-player split screen in the multiplayer option. True to the other games in the Medal of Honor series, Frontline pays great attention to details, accuracy, and historical significance. These games were some of the first to be truly realistic and immersive. The atmosphere for each mission ensures that Frontline reflects the events during one of the world's biggest conflicts. Fans of war games and historical buffs alike will appreciate this game's dedication to history. Frontline is sure to be a memorable experience for all who play it, but WWII buffs especially will love the exciting action that allows you to be a part of history

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