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The most successful sports series on all of gaming helps kick off another new console with this launch title.

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The game's "Vision Cone" feature simulates the QB's field of view with a highlighted cone that fans out in the direction of the current intended receiver, to encourage the player on offense to commit earlier in the play, and to telegraph his passes much more realistically than in earlier versions of Madden. The new "Precision Passing" system allows quarterbacks some direct control over the accuracy of their passes. By bumping the left analog stick or D-pad in the desired direction as the ball is passed, QBs can aim high, low, in front, or behind their receivers

A new play-calling interface is introduced in this Xbox version of Madden 06, and the game uses picture-in-picture displays for television-style staging. The game's franchise mode has been refined as well, for efficiency and depth. As usual, this edition of Madden includes all the teams, stadiums, and players of the real-life NFL (thanks to an exclusive license that takes effect for the first time this year). Multiplayer modes are supported for Internet-connected 360 gamers, though the Xbox Live subscription service.

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