Inspector Gadget: Gadget’s Crazy Maze


Inspector Gadget: Gadget’s Crazy Maze isn’t the type of game one would expect when taking on the role of the bumbling, multi-functional detective of the 1980’s cartoon.

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Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Crazy Maze isn't the type of game one would expect when taking on the role of the bumbling, multi-functional detective of the 1980's cartoon. Rather than an action title like its Game Boy Color counterpart, this incarnation of Inspector Gadget is best described as a puzzle game with limited action elements.

According to the story of Gadget's Crazy Maze, Inspector Gadget's mysterious arch-nemesis is up to no good once again. This time, the MADD ringleader Dr. Claw has been creating mind-control crystals on his secret moon base, then tossing them down to Earth. If the crystals lay dormant for a short amount of time, they will activate, taking control of the consciousness of the whole world. To make sure no one disturbs them, Dr. Claw has spread them all around four different areas and inserted his vile henchmen to protect them.

Fortunately for the world, Claw's crystals have a fatal flaw: if three or more of them are placed in a row, they disappear, changing instead into a row of bonus coins. It is Inspector Gadget's job to push the crystals into these rows in each of the game's 40-plus levels, clearing the stages before their time runs out and all is lost. He'll have to make it through City World, The Circus, The Haunted House and even Claw's Secret Base, destroying every crystal he finds in order to save the world.

Getting the crystals into rows, however, isn't always a simple process. Gadget will have to move obstacles out of the way while avoiding the different MADD henchmen, some of whom are more persistent than others. Fortunately, he'll have some items to help him. He can get a mallet that pops out of his head to knock out enemies, a head-propeller to fly for a short amount of time, and roller-skates to move around quickly. There are also joker crystals, which can work with any other kind.

Beyond the single player missions, Inspector Gadget boasts a multiplayer component. Not only can you play against up to seven other people in a race to clear mind crystals off of a given stage, but you can also play through the game with another player in the Cooperative mode. So what are you waiting for? Go-go-Gadget!

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